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About Mules

Facts and Frequently Asked Questions About Long Ears! 

Q: What is a mule?
A: A mule is a cross between a female horse (Mare) and a male donkey (Jack).

Q: Can mules reproduce?
A: No, mules are a sterile hybrid as a result of an odd number of chromosomes, an even number is required to reproduce. Horses have 64, donkeys have 62, and mules end up with 63!

Q: Are mules stubborn?
A: Mules have an amazing ability to think situations through logically in there mind, and mules have an extreme sense of self preservation. At times when a mule is not doing what we ask of them immediately, we say they are stubborn, in reality the mule is just thinking through the situation, weighing their best options and being sure of their personal safety. Perhaps if people would do this the world would be a better and safer place!

Q: Do mules kick and buck?
A: Yes, just like horses mules can kick and buck!

Q: Are mules hard to train? And do you train mules differently than horses?
A: Every mule is different, however, one thing that all mules have in common is the natural ability to think about everything they do before they do it. Mules will surely take the time to think things through. The result of this is that sometimes it may take a little longer for a mule to accept what you're teaching them. But once a mule has learned something, they've got it! We use the same basics while training mules as we do with horses, however the methods and the manner of how we go about training mules is very different than horses.

Q: Are mules tougher than horses?
A: A mules muscles are denser
 than horses due to their donkey parentA mule will carry more and go farther than a horse of the same size. Mules also can go longer without food and water than horses.

Q: Do you have to shoe mules?
A: Many people do not shoe their mules. Mules have very hard, thick hooves, however, if you plan to ride in rocky country or on roads a lot you may want to consider shoeing your mule.

Q:Are all mules short and one color?
A: Of course not! Like horses, mules come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. There are tiny miniature mules that stand as tall as your waste and there are mules that stand taller than your head. Mules can be all the colors that horses can be. Some mules are heavy built with thick bones and a sturdy stature, others are fine boned and skinny.

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