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 Let us help you find an awesome mule, tell us what your looking for and we will match you up with the mule that fits your needs and wants. If your looking for a nice, safe, saddle mule for mountain and trail riding you have came to the right place.

Last Updated 4/14/2016


Mule Qualities Key
Disposition: 1 Wild - 10 Gentle
Rider Level: 1 Advanced/Experienced - 10 Beginner/Anybody Can Ride
10's ARE BEST!

"Domino" is 12 years old, 15 hands tall, gray, john mule. Domino is friendly and good to catch. He likes people and enjoys attention. Domino is easy to saddle, bridle, lead, load, clip, and trim. He is experienced in the mountains and rough country. Domino will go where you point him. He is sure-footed in the rocks and deadfall, he crosses water, you can pony other animals off of him and he is solid and reliable. Domino has a good looking quarter horse build to him and is a fun mule to ride and handle. Most anyone who enjoys mountain and trail riding will love this mule.
Disposition 8 Rider Level 8
Consigned to Jake Clark Mule Days Sale June 19, 2016 in Ralston, WY
Picture Above
Video Coming Soon!

"Slippers" is 8 years old, 14.1 hands tall, molly mule. Slippers is a very sweet mule with a great disposition. She is great to catch and loves people. She is good to saddle, bridle, picks up her feet nice, loads up in a trailer well, leads soft, and is gentle and easy. Slippers is a great mountain mule, she is handy in rocky country, good in deadfall, crosses water willing, and is all around a nice trail mule. She can pony or be ponied. Slippers is a fun mule to ride and goes all day. She has a great ground covering walk and is very smooth. If you are looking for a friendly mule that rides awesome Slippers might be the one.
Disposition 9 Rider Level 9
Consigned to Jake Clark Mule Days Sale June 19, 2016 in Ralston, WY
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Video coming soon!

Call Ty anytime for more details on these mules! Come try them out!

Thanks for looking! 

We may have some mules that are not listed so be sure to call for updated info, we would be glad to help you find a good mule!

*Prices are subject to change as training progresses on these mules, call for current information on any mule you are interested in.

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