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 Let us help you find an awesome mule, tell us what your looking for and we will match you up with the mule of your dreams! We like good, gentle mules, we like mules that meet you at the gate and put their nose in the halter for you. If your looking for a nice, safe, saddle mule for mountain and trail riding you have came to the right place.

Last Updated 5/18/2015


Mule Qualities Key
Disposition: 1 Hot- 10 Very Gentle
Rider Level: 1 Advanced- 10 Beginner


"Cochise" 6 year old, 16.1 hh, black/white, john mule. He is good to saddle, bridle, lead, load, clip, and trim. He is very friendly and always wants to be caught. He loves to get out and go for a ride, he has tons of go and a big heart. Cochise has a nice walk to him and can seriously cover some ground. He is a go getter and very powerful, fantastic mountain mule, very solid and surefooted, he doesn't see too many scary things and isn't spooky. He has packed game, antlers, has been ridden in parades, good around ATVs, cars, tractors, etc. His issues that bother me are not many but include being a little disrespectful and in your face often, needs some manners, he likes to move around a bit while mounting, and he is very dominant and pushy to other livestock and mules, he definitely likes to be boss. Cochise rides great but is also an excellent pack mule he follows great and can lead a string behind him. He is a nice mule and would fit someone who rides hard and likes to put on the miles.

Disposition 9 Rider Level 8
Picture Above
Click here to watch video of Cochise!

"Sage" 8 years old, 15.2 hh, gray, molly mule. Sage is good to catch, saddle, bridle, lead, load, and handle. Good with her front feet to trim but struggles with her back feet some and leans. She has a nice walk to her and she will turn, stop, and back how you want. She can ride alone or in a group. Very good looking in our opinion and a nice, gentle, mule. Sweet and easy going just like we want them to be. She will go where you ask her, crosses water, deadfall, and rocks.
 Very respectful on the ground and in the saddle.
Disposition 8 Rider Level 8
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"Viper" is 7 years old, 14.2 hh, gray, john mule. He is out of a Tennessee Walker and it sure shows! Viper is an excellent traveler, super smooth and walks out great. He is great in the mountains and rough country, he will cross water, navigate deadfall, rock crawl, and go wherever you point him. He is usually good to catch, he's good to saddle, hard to bridle and ear shy, good with his feet and decent to clip. He is a gentle mule to be around and likes people, he has a quiet eye and is a pleasure to ride. He can be a little herd bound and he really loves horses, he has a lot of go so if you are looking for grandmas mule this one isn't for you. Viper is very fun and one of the smoothest mules we have ever rode. Viper is also an excellent and respectful pack mule and will haul camp for you wherever you want to go!
Disposition 8 Rider Level 7
Picture Above

Call Ty anytime for more details on these mules! Come try them out!

Thanks for looking! 

We may have some mules that are not listed so be sure to call for updated info, we would be glad to help you find a good mule!

All these mules come with an option of doing additional training at a 25% discount

*Prices are subject to change as training progresses on these mules, call for current information on any mule you are interested in.

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