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Chester, Utah

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 Let us help you find an awesome mule, tell us what your looking for and we will match you up with the mule of your dreams! We like good, gentle mules, we like mules that meet you at the gate and put their nose in the halter for you. If your looking for a nice, safe, saddle mule for mountain and trail riding you have came to the right place.

Last Updated 7/26/2015


Mule Qualities Key
Disposition: 1 Hot- 10 Very Gentle
Rider Level: 1 Advanced- 10 Beginner


"Cactus" is a john mule, 4 years old, 14 hh and still growing. Cactus is usually good to catch but might test you if he feels like it, he leads respectfully, well mannered, loads right up in the trailer, hates to be brushed, good to saddle and bridle, good to clip and trim, he pick up all four feet but leans on the backs a little, good with his ears. Cactus is super willing and will go wherever you point him. He is an expert mountain mule, he will cross water, rocks, logs, bridges, and handles any kind of rough terrain with professional skill. He is very athletic and is able to jump with ease, and is very sure-footed. Cactus is out of a Tennessee Walker and he is smooth to ride and walks out really nicely. You can pony off of Cactus, you can be in the front, middle, or back and he will adapt where he is needed. He is fine with dogs and gets along well with any mule. He can still be spooked by various things such as loud, spontaneous laughter, slapping of chaps, or crunching a water bottle just for a few examples. Overall he is a great colt and shows tremendous potential to become a really good saddle mule.
Disposition 6 Rider Level 5
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"Betty" is 12 years old, 14.3 hh, pure black, and she is a molly. She is good to saddle, bridle, and handles well. Good with her feet and ears. She stands still to mount and is ok to catch but will sometimes walk away from you when she sees the halter. She is very respectful of your space and is well mannered. She is good in the mountains, crosses water big or small, good with dead-fall, and will navigate through rocks, she is a little hesitant on bogs but is willing to do whatever is asked of her. She is a good mule to lead or follow on. She can pony mules behind her and knows how to pull if you have a pack mule that hangs a little on her. She doesn't mind dogs or distractions, she is safe to eat chips off of and open a soda can on. She is a smooth ride and moves out at a nice average pace.  
Disposition 6 Rider Level 7
Picture Above

Call Ty anytime for more details on these mules! Come try them out!

Thanks for looking! 

We may have some mules that are not listed so be sure to call for updated info, we would be glad to help you find a good mule!

All these mules come with an option of doing additional training at a 25% discount

*Prices are subject to change as training progresses on these mules, call for current information on any mule you are interested in.

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