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 Let us help you find an awesome mule, tell us what your looking for and we will match you up with the mule of your dreams! We like good, gentle mules, we like mules that meet you at the gate and put their nose in the halter for you. If your looking for a nice, safe, saddle mule for mountain and trail riding you have came to the right place.

Last Updated 9/16/2014


Mule Qualities Key
Disposition: 1 Hot- 10 Very Gentle
Rider Level: 1 Advanced- 10 Beginner


"Cheyenne" is a 2004 Molly mule, she is a real goer and walks out decent, she has a fantastic neck rein and handles really well. She can be hard to catch in a pasture but is easy in a pen or paddock. She is easy to saddle, bridle, clip, trim, and has been shod before. She isn't scared of much and leads out nicely. She has also been roped off of and can work cattle. This is a really nice saddle mule that anyone would enjoy owning and riding.
Disposition 7. Rider Level 8.
Video in the making!

"Lucy" is a 2008, red-dunn, molly mule. She is quarter horse type. She has been used in the mountains as well a been shown in the arena. She is hard to catch, and ear shy, a little timid of strangers but is making progress. She is good to ride and handles nice, good to saddle, hard to bridle, good to clip until you get to her ears. Leads and loads great. Very good looking and good confirmation.
Disposition 5. Rider Level 6.
Video will likely be made this Fall

"Dottie" is a 2011 Molly Mule. She currently stands about 14 hands tall and is still growing. She is a white/black/brown paint color. Dottie is a friendly mule, easy to catch and likes to meet you at the gate usually, she leads fine, loads good, clips and trims. She has been started under saddle and is doing well. She crosses water, deadfall, and even does a little rock crawling. She is on track to become a fine saddle mule. Currently still in our training program. Call to check on current progress.
Disposition 8. Rider Level 6.
Video likely within the near future

"Andy" was born in 2009, 14.3 hands tall, good looking black john mule with four white socks and a white spot on his butt. He has been to the mountains a bunch now and is doing awesome. Andy crosses water, rocks, and logs well. Leads behind on a loose lead, doesn't pull on you. He is currently being rode and worked to become the best! He has a curious disposition and is a fun, gentle mule to work with. Look for more info and video coming in the near future. This mule is showing amazing potential.
Disposition 7. Rider Level 6

"Wally" is a 2012 John mule, currently 14.1 hands and growing. Bay with a little blue roan color coming through. Wally is really curious and is a thinker, he is very friendly, easy to catch and is usually at the gate to meet you. He is good with his feet, ears, and is good to trim and clip. He leads and loads well. Wally is currently being started under saddle and we are confident he will turn out awesome! Watch for more info or give us a call to check on his progress.
Disposition 9. Rider Level N/A
$Open to offers at this time.
Video Coming Someday

Call Ty anytime for more details on these mules! Come try them out!

Thanks for looking! 

We may have some mules that are not listed so be sure to call for updated info, we would be glad to help you find a good mule!

All these mules come with an option of doing additional training at a 25% discount

*Prices are subject to change as training progresses on these mules, call for current information on any mule you are interested in.

* Have a good mule that you need help selling? Let us do it for you! Call Ty at 801-598-7465 for more info!

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