Ty, Skye, and Ellie Evans
Spanish Fork, Utah


We specialize in training mules for mountain and trail riding, whether you have a young weanling that needs to be taught to lead, a colt that needs to be started under saddle, or an older mule that just needs a tune-up, we can help you get your mule on track to be amazing in the mountains!

*First we start off with a lot of ground work which includes join-up, sacking out, sensitizing & desensitizing, halter driving, ground driving, verticle & lateral flexion, and working with ropes, tarps, flags, etc.

*When the mule is ready, we start riding,
usually spending 1-2 weeks in the round-pen and arena before going into the mountains.

*The mules are trained to deal with real life, every day situations encountered on the trail including water crossings, jumping logs and rocks, navigating through dead fall, dealing with dogs and distractions, packing, and many other things.

* Every mule is different, so when it comes to training and starting colts, each animal responds and progresses at their own rate.

Below are some pictures showing some of the things we do daily while training your mule.

Training Services We Offer Include
    -Colt Starting
    -Corrective Training & Problem Solving
    -Tune-Ups & Conditioning  
- Weanling & Yearling Programs
-All Training is Done With Emphasis for Mountain/Trail Riding

*We accept 10 outside mules and/or horses, per month for training. This is what we do full time, all day long, so you know your animal is getting worked and is gaining a lot of experience and riding time!

*We ride Monday through Saturday, both the mules and us get Sunday off, if we miss a day we make it up. Each daily lesson is around 45 minutes to 1 hour , sometimes longer if we are riding in the mountains.

 Training Rates  
(Per animal)
$550 per month
+plus hay/feed.

* $100 non-refundable deposit required to reserve a training spot per month.

Check out our Testimonials page to see what people have to say about our training program!

Last updated 10/19/2014

2015 Available Openings For Training
January- Opening Available
February- Openings Available
March- Openings Available
April- Full
May- Openings Available
June- Openings Available
July- Openings Available
August- Openings Available
September- Openings Available
October- Openings Available
November- Openings Available
December- Openings left

How to schedule a spot to have your mule trained:

- Call Ty or Skye 801-598-7465
-Email tsmules@hotmail.com
-Or fill out the contact form on the Contact Us page, include information on your mule as well as the amount of days/months you would like your mule to be worked and the month you wish to have your mule started (The next available spot is listed above and highlighted in yellow for your convenience). We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your appointment.
 Also, we require a $100 deposit per month of training to hold a spot for your mule, we accept checks by mail, as well as most major credit cards. Thanks for your business, we look forward to helping you and your mule to become the best.

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