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The Natural Superiority of Mules- Second Edition

By John Hauer

The Natural Superiority of Mules- Second Edition By John Hauer

The Natural Superiority of Mules: A Celebration of One of the Most Intelligent, Sure-Footed, and Misunderstood Animals in the World, Second Edition


John Hauer is the owner and operator of two ranches, a 1,400-acre ranch in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and a ranch located on the banks of the Colorado River north of Moab, Utah. John and his wife, Sena, buy, sell, raise, and ride mules on their "Back Country Mules" ranch north of Moab. His articles about mules have been published in the Saturday Evening Post and in Mules and More. He resides in Moab, Utah.

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A Beginner's Guide to Owning a Mule

By Becky Coffield

In A Beginner's Guide to Owning a Mule, Becky Coffield has written a humorous, helpful, and engaging guideline for those interested in buying and owning a mule.
Each of the nine chapters in the book covers a crucial topic relating specifically to riding and caring for mules. In addition to offering friendly advice on how to buy the mule and things to look for and be aware of, the author also covers a host of other helpful topics, such as appropriate mule tack, saddling up, trail riding and mule behavioral problems. Other topics that Coffield discusses are mule medical issues, boarding the animal, clinics, and making friends with your mule.
A Beginner's Guide to Owning a Mule is unlike any other "mule advice" book you may read. The author is not dogmatic and includes other perspectives on some of these topics. Coffield readily admits she is not a trainer or a "mule whisperer." She's not afraid to confess her own mistakes either, and many of them are extremely funny. Her blunders with her mule provide hilarious examples of what not to do..

Soft Cover, 130 Pages

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