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Ready To Catch


If you have been around equine very long, then you have probably found yourself frustrated by one that was difficult to catch. We decided to create this DVD because of how frequently this concern is brought to us during our clinics, and you will see how we correct this behavior. You'll be able to watch us work three different mules: Diamond, Viona, and Autumn. Each of these mules are different and react uniquely to the methods presented to them. For us, its all about getting these mules ready to catch. We want the mules to find us as humans inviting and desirable to be around. In this video, I will show you how to create an environment so that the mule feels the best place for it to be is with you If you want your mule to catch you, then your mule needs to feel most comfortable when they are with you. We will also discuss the expressions and body language of the mule and how to better read their movements. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed making it. Thanks for watching.

-Ty Evans

Trailer Loading


For many mule owners, trailer loading can be a daunting task. In this video, we share with you the key ingredient needed to get your mule loading with ease. The main star of this video is a mule named Tula. As you watch, you will find that the trouble with loading is just a symptom of the true, underlying issue. The better your mule leads, the better it will load. Tula helps prove that point as Ty goes through the groundwork steps with her and works on building a foundation that will help her load more willingly for the rest of her life.


Groundwork Basics


Ground work is the most important step involved in the process of making a fine saddle mule. In this dvd, Ty Evans covers the basics of ground work he uses when starting colts or working with troubled mules. These exercises are critical elements of a mules foundation. You will learn the skills necessary to train your mule these foundational steps:
-Hooking-on to you
-Halter driving
-Gaining confidence through desensitizing
-Handling a saddle for the first time
-Ground driving
You will also learn many other important prerequisites that will prepare your mule for the first ride. After watching this dvd you will have the tools needed to bring out the best in your mule and build confidence in yourself and the mule you work with.

Colt Starting- The First Ride


Colt starting has always fascinated me and I find a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction working with mules that are young and new to the world. In this video you will see me put a first ride on a 5 year old molly mule “Daisy” that has never been ridden. This mule belongs to a friend of mine and he has done a great job preparing the mule for this ride by completing all the ground work that we demonstrate in our Ground Work Basics DVD. You’ll see me review a few steps regarding ground work followed by helping the mule create good habits when mounting and finally we get to put a ride on this mule. We understand that not every mule is the same and your mule may be different, but if you have sincerely done a good job with your ground work then the first ride should be similar to what you will see in this video. We hope this DVD encourages you to get out and spend some time with your mules and especially the young ones.

Colt Starting- The Next Step


We have had the privilege of helping many individuals get their young mules started. It has been an enjoyable experience assisting them to get the first few rides going well. However, a lot of these people aren’t sure what to do next to keep their mules going in the right direction. That led us to filming this DVD, Colt-Starting, “The Next Step”. In this video you’ll see me riding a 2-year-old molly mule named “Riata”. Riata has about 5 rides on her previous to this DVD being filmed. I begin with a short review on my ground work then we get to riding. The first part of the ride you’ll see how I help Riata get through a little bit of trouble when she starts to get worried and feels the need to buck. You’ll see us progress through the ride working on forward motion and teaching the mule to respect and respond to my legs and reins. We work on developing the one-rein stop, two-rein stop, backing up, figure-8 exercises, and a host of other valuable things to practice. You may want to watch this video all the way through more than once as there are many little tips and suggestions presented here that will help with some of the issues you might come across when starting a colt. My hope for this video is that it might inspire you to get to work with your young mule, take the next step and help your mule to become the best that it can be. 

In The Saddle


We created this video in hopes that it will be a helpmate to those that would like to improve  their Mulemanship skills in the saddle and progress their mules to a level to be proud of. In this dvd you will see us work with a middle aged molly mule that has picked up a few bad habits and needs a little refresher course. Some of the exercises you will see include the One Rein Stop, Figures Eights, Transitions, Flexion, along with many little tips and suggestions that you will find beneficial. The exercises shared in this video will help you to refine and supple your mule and yourself. Those of you who have attended our clinics should recognize many of these exercises and hopefully this video will serve as a reminder of things you might want to work on with your mule. We are sure that if you sincerely apply these exercises and methods when riding your mule, and are consistently practicing these things you will be happy with the results you see in your mule and especially in yourself. 

In The Saddle Part 2


This DVD is Part 2 of our “In the Saddle” series. Much like the first video, Part 2 is all about achieving another level of refinement with your mule. You will see me working with an 8-year-old molly mule named “Mariah”. This mule is somewhere between the green and intermediate level with the exercises presented in this video. We will take you step by step through controlling and rating speed, starting your turns both on the haunches and the forehand, leg-yields, reaching exercises, the 20 cone pattern exercise, building a soft-feel, and much more. After investing the time to watch this video, I hope you will find yourself motivated and excited to get saddled up and work on these things. Remember to always strive to bring out the best in your mule and in turn, your mule will bring out the best in you.

Fixing Herd Bound


Traveling all over the country teaching clinics gives us a unique opportunity to help hundreds of people and mules every year. At these clinics we have found that one of the biggest frustrations people have with their mules is herd-bound, barn sour, trailer sour, and pasture sour situations. Mules that would rather be anywhere other than with you can be annoying, discouraging, and dangerous. In this DVD “Fixing Herd-Bound” we will break down the steps to overcoming this obstacle and show you on two separate mules how to go about helping your mule to become more independent and with-you both physically and mentally. We hope you and your mule can benefit from this DVD and put its teachings to use.



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Groundwork Basics

Colt Starting- The First Ride

Colt Starting- The Next Step

In the Saddle

In the Saddle- Part 2

Fixing Herd Bound

Ready to Catch

Trailer Loading