Mule Halter

Our mule rope halter is made of high quality rope and is built to fit the average mule head. It comes with a 10' treeline lead rope with a leather popper on the end. A fantastic tool that is built with our groundwork exercises in mind. Black Halter with white lead. $50 plus shipping.

Black Steel Snaffle

A great ring snaffle with 5" black steel mouth and 3" rings, inlaid with copper to keep the mouth moist. We start all our mules in the snaffle bit and highly recommend it. 
$20.00 includes free shipping

Eldorado Mountain Correction

 The Eldorado Mountain Correction Bit is a great bit for the intermediate to advanced mule, horse, or donkey. 6 3/4" stainless steel 4-rein cheeks. 5" double hinged, sweet iron correction mouth inlaid with copper and long barrel "No Pinch" where mouth attaches to cheek. $40 includes free shipping