TS Mules- Ty & Skye Evans

Bring out the best in your mule, and they will bring out the best in you.


Came to a clinic as a spectator. Cannot wait till they come back around to bring my mule. So informational, so interesting and so fun. Ty is as patient and kind with people as he is with his mules. He has a quiet confidence and is a natural born teacher. I watched as he corrected a woman as she was working with her mule. He didn't make her feel embarrassed he just gently explained a better way that would work better for her and her mule. I have yet to find anyone who hasn't enjoyed these clinics or taken away a whole bunch of information and techniques to try when they get home. Such a wonderful experience. While he is still pretty young, I can see his name being tossed around with the legends of the equine world...he really is that good.

-Lisa Wiles Horsch

My mule Miss Kitty and I attended Ty Evans mule clinic in Cat Springs, Tx at 7 il Ranch Feb 8 9 10. It was probably the best thing I could have done for my mule and myself. It gave me more confidence to move forward with training and enjoying a very special equine the MULE.
Thanks Ty & Skye for a great experience, you’ll have a beautiful family. Safe Travels.

-Andy Kocian 

Just finished my first mule days and Ty's clinic.
Had a great time and learned a lot.
I think Ty's approach to presenting his clinic is outstanding.
Humble young man that stays positive and includes all of his students.
I am so glad I went.

-Don Little

Saw Ty Evans at Ohio Equine Affaire - excellent, useful, information and demonstrations - he really worked with the demo volunteers and the results were amazing. Love the techniques of offering a feel and working through issues offering a good deal. Watching my Ty Evans videos now and soaking them up.

-Tracey Merrett

Ty has a wisdom way beyond his years. He is polite, kind and considerate and ultimately honest in his evaluation of what you and your mule need to accomplish. I have taken 2 clinics with him and have learned more in those few days than I did in years of riding. Thank you Ty and Skye for sharing your time and information.

-Janet Gabrielson

I had the opportunity to spend this past weekend training with Ty Evan’s in Meaford, Ontario, thanks to the kindness of Susan Andrus and her husband Paul Jenkins. This was basically one -on -one/semi-private with Ty and the most wonderful experience I have had learning with a professional trainer. Ty’s vast knowledge, calmness, and sense of humour made this clinic enjoyable while we made great progress with our mules. Under Ty’s expert guidance we make progress, learned new ways to communicate with our mules. He debunked the myths about mules that I believed and that made me fear my mule. It was an overall wonderful experience and I would highly recommend Ty Evans clinics for any equine owner, not just for mules. Ty builds your confidence and lets you know it is ok if you don't have it just right yet, slow down and take your time till you get there. You will not be disappointed attending a TS Mules clinic, I promise it is amazing!!! Thank you again Ty, you Rock!!!
-Cathie Quesnel, Harrow, Ontario.