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New class descriptions for 2019!

New Class: Foundation Mulemanship

***We are excited to announce that we will be adding a new class to our clinics in 2019! Foundation Mulemanship will focus on mules that are still green enough in their progression that a lot of groundwork is necessary. In addition to this new class, Mulemanship 1, will no longer have groundwork as part of the curriculum (unless Ty feels that it is necessary for the mule or rider). We will also be adding more exercises to Mulemanship 1 to fill the gap between Mulemanship 1 and Mulemanship 2. Our Mulemanship 2 classes will also be undergoing a few changes and more advanced exercises, moves, maneuvers, will be in place. Check out the new class descriptions below. Thank you for the continued support you all give us in our clinics.

Sincerely, TS Mules

Foundation Mulemanship

This class will focus on mules that are still green enough in their progression that a lot of groundwork is necessary. The majority of this class will consist of groundwork and preparation for riding. The first and second day of class will be on the ground, the third day will be a short groundwork review followed by work in the saddle for those that are able. All the movements acquired in this class will help you to get your mule handy and respectful on the ground and build a sure foundation for a successful future in the saddle. This is also a great class for animals that are still too young to ride but ready to get started on the groundwork.


Mulemanship 1

This class is for the green to intermediate mule and/or rider. There is no groundwork involved in this class unless Ty feels the need to go over it with the students. It is recommended but not required that you have attended a Foundation Mulemanship class as a prerequisite. Each day of class will be spent in the saddle working on the basic maneuvers and exercises involved in making a soft, willing, bridle mule. Softness and suppleness are major goals to obtain for both mule and rider. Most of the work will be done at a walk and trot with an introduction to the canter. After riding in this class you should feel confident in your new skills and should have a list of things to go home and continue working with, on both yourself and your mule.


Mulemanship 2

For the intermediate mule and/or rider. This class is the next step in the process of making a nice bridle mule. It is required that you have participated in a Mulemanship 1 class previously unless otherwise approved by Ty. Refinement is the key word for this class. Picking up a soft feel both at the standstill and at all gaits will be a major goal. We will be working at a walk, trot, and canter so the rider should be confident to do so. This class includes helping you to build better turns both on the haunches and forehand, leg yield, side-pass, backing, stopping and moving off leg and rein precisely and softly. Obstacles, trail rides, and cattle work may or may not be part of this class depending on specific clinic accommodations (ask the clinic host about the inclusion of these extras). After riding in this class you will be able to take home with you a list of things to work on to improve your Mulemanship and help your mule reach a new level of softness and understanding.


Colt Starting

For intermediate to advanced riders. This class will help you get a great start on your mule. We go through all the steps required to properly begin your mules career under saddle. No short cuts are taken and everything is done in a manner to prepare your mule to succeed and be comfortable in the transition from pasture pet to saddle mule.  We begin with helping your mule to hook-on to you and see you as a dominant leader and someone they can follow and feel safe with. We help them to learn proper respect on a lead rope, halter driving and developing softness and suppleness. We get them under saddle for the first time with as little stress as possible. We move onto flexing and try to develop a foundation of collection and feel. We desensitize the mules using various tools that test and push the mule out of their comfort zone yet we support them all the time and let them see us as someone they can trust and look to for support. We progress on and usually are able to ride your mule on the first day and every day thereafter. The main goal during this class is to develop a solid, safe, and soft foundation that you and your mule can go home with and continue to work on.



This class is usually a one day class and we cover the basics of packing including proper way to plan out your loads, balance and organize loads, lash and tie panniers and packs. Hitches such as the box hitch, barrel hitch, diamond, and double diamonds are practiced and perfected at these classes. Along with packing loads we discuss proper animal care, high-lining, and wise camping practices in the backcountry. This class is usually taught by a guest speaker/packer.


Trail Riding

****Required that you have attended a Ty Evans Clinic previously!***
For the intermediate to advanced rider. This is usually one of the most exciting and challenging clinics we offer. During our trail riding clinic you will learn proper mulemanship on the trail and learn how to get along and ride your mule to the best of both your abilities. We help you to build confidence in yourself and your mule by advancing from basic to advanced natural obstacles at your comfort and skill level. We usually select areas that are very beautiful and secluded. A great class to learn and ride and enjoy your time.


Spectating a Ty Evans Clinic

Spectators are welcome at all of our clinics unless otherwise posted on the clinic schedule. You don't usually need to preregister and can just sign in when you arrive. We recommend you bring a good chair, sunscreen, bug spray, jacket, along with anything else you might need to make the day comfortable for yourself so you can enjoy the clinic.